Fujinon PL 85-300 Cabrio Lens



While the PL 85-300 is similar in size and weight as the PL 19-90, its longer lens  makes it ideal for shooting documentaries, nature and wildlife, and car commercials, among other demanding production scenarios. The PL 85-300 offers a focal length of 85-220mm at T2.9 and 300mm at T4.0, with 200-degree focus rotation.

Designed using the latest optical simulation technology, the PL 85-300 compact zoom not only offers exceptional optical performance in the center of the image but in the corners of the frame as well. Like the highly acclaimed PL 19-90 compact zoom, the PL 85-300 is equipped with the same indispensable features including flange focal distance adjustment, a MOD of 1.2m, a macro function for objects as close as 97mm (3.8-inches), and covers a 31.5mm sensor size.

The digital servo’s 16-bit encoding assures operators that all lens data output—such as the position of the zoom, iris, and focus—is extremely accurate and the lens supports Lens Data System (LDS) and /i metadata formats. Like the PL 19-90 Compact zoom, the new PL 85-300 features an exclusive detachable servo drive unit, making it suitable for use as a standard PL lens or as an ENG-style lens. And the PL 85-300 can be controlled using cinema industry standard wireless controllers as well as existing FUJINON wired and wireless units. The other Premier PL Mount Series lenses are available in 14.5-45mm T2.0, 18-85mm T2.0, 24-180mm T2.6, and 75-400 mm T2.8-T3.8 ranges.






Focal lenght 85 – 300mm
Zoom rotation 3.5 ×
Maximum photometric aperture T-No. 1 : 2.9 (85-220mm)1 : 4.0 (300mm)
Iris blades 9
M.O.D (from Image plane) 1.20 m
Object dimensions at M.O.D 85 mm 274 – 154 mm300 mm 79 – 44 mm
Angular field of view 16:9 85 mm 18°21′ × 10°23′300 mm 5°14′ × 2°57′
Macro Available
Filter thread M114
Size diameter x length 114 × 249 mm
Mass (without lens hood) 3.0kg w/drive unit2.5kg w/o drive unit


Fujinon PL 85-300 Spec Sheet

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