Gemini 4:4:4

The Gemini 4:4:4 is a professional, high-definition video recorder that fits in the palm of your hand. Gemini 4:4:4 functions as a high-quality monitor, a recorder, and a playback device.

As a recorder, Gemini 4:4:4 records in the ultimate highest quality possible—uncompressed, which can easily be incorporated into virtually any workflow using your favorite CODEC. Gemini 4:4:4 is also capable of recording, combining, and playing back 3D video (with paid upgrade).

Gemini 4:4:4 records to specially certified and tested 1.8” solid-state hard drives that can be purchased from Convergent Design through your local dealer.

Feature Specification
Video I/O Ports Four SDI ports: 2-In (HD-SDI Single Link/Dual Link/3G),  2-Out (HD-SDI Single Link/Dual Link),  HDMI-Out
Video Standards HD-SDI, SMPTE 292M; HD-SDI 3G, SMPTE 424M; HD-SDI Dual-Link, SMPTE 372M
Video Formats
   REC 709 RGB 444 / YCC 422 1080p up to 60fps
   ARRIRAW* ARRI Alexa: 16:9 (2880×1620) up to 60fps
Record Options
   Compressed Avid DNxHD support (QT) for 1080p YCC 422 up to 30fps (3rd Qtr 2012 Release)
   Uncompressed 1080p 10-Bit RGB 444 up to 60fps (DPX) with TC and metadata, audio recorded as wav file
   RAW Formats ARRIRAW
   Multi-Stream (x2) Parallel recording of two RGB 444 Streams up to 1080p30 (with 3D Option)
Live Preview / Playback
   Single Stream Real time decompressed / debayered output with / without LUT applied
   Stereo 3D* Individual output of each stream or combined streams: Side by Side, Line by Line, Anaglyph, 50/50 Composite
   Log Viewing LUTs Support for S-Log, Log-C with user programmable 1D LUTs
Playback Control Play, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Pause, and Step Control
Metadata Reel Number, Scene Number, Take Number and Project Name
Media Two Slots for 1.8″ Solid State Drives (SSD), 256GB / 512GB sizes
Transfer Station 1.8″ SSD Transfer Station compatible with Seagate GoFlex Adapters (USB 3, FW-800, Thunderbolt)
Built-In LCD Monitor 5″ high brightness LCD, sunlight viewable, 800 cd/m², 800 x (RGB) x 480 Pixels, 24-Bit, 900:1 True Contrast, Wide +/-85⁰ Viewing Angle (IPS Technology)
1:1 Pixel Option, with user positioning of desired window via touch control
Menu System Touch Sensitive menu system with user-defined presets and customizable level of on-screen data
Timecode HD-SDI Embedded (SMPTE RP-188) or LTC via the remote control option
Digital Audio I/O HD-SDI Embedded 4-Channels, uncompressed, 24-Bit, 48K
Analog Audio I/O 3.5 mm output jack, headphone or consumer line level
Power Requirements 6 to 19 Volts DC, 6 to 15 watts
Size, Weight 138 x 120 x 37 mm (5.4 x 4.7 x 1.45″); 612 grams (1.35 lb); Milled Aluminum Case
Environmental Ambient Temp: -10 to +40 ⁰C (Operating) / -20 to +70 ⁰C (Storage)
Gemini Production Kit Gemini 444 Recorder + SSD Transfer Station + HD-SDI cables + HDMI Cable + Hotshoe with 1/4″x20 Ball Mount + Universal AC Power Supply + 4-Pin XLR Power Cable + D-Tap Power Cable; all packaged in a Custom Fitted Hard Plastic Case

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